Client Testimonials for Collean

Here are some of the things clients are saying about their experiences receiving ThetaHealing® sessions with Collean O'Brien.


"I feel great. Like I can accomplish anything. It feels as though the fears that have been holding me back are just a distant shadow of what was. It's freeing. Thank you Collean!!"

"Truly so grateful for all the time you spent with me during our session! Really loved it!!! Thank you!! Wonderful things are happening... I feel lighter and open to receive the positive energy and opportunities to come. Would love to schedule another session in the next few weeks!"

"Everything has been transforming dramatically since we've met! I want to thank you again for the healing, for listening, and for just BEing!!!! "

"The gentle way you asked questions, and the non-judging way you dealt with everything that came up, was amazing. I left that session feeling like an enormous weight that I had been carrying around - possibly for my entire existence in this life and in previous lives - had been completely lifted."



“I'm definitely doing this again!"

"I feel calmer and so much more relaxed after our session. Thank you, Collean. You truly have a gift for healing."

"I feel lighter every time you do it."

"Been feeling so great since our session, and that was three weeks ago! It's like I'm still walking on air!"