Learn this new and novel type of Reiki, even if you've never taken a Reiki class before!

You can use Arcturian Reiki to:

  • Start your own Reiki practice with very little overhead.
  • Add Arcturian Reiki to your existing services, by either bundling them together, or offering them separately.
  • Attract new clients by inviting them to experience this unique type of Reiki.
  • Grow more spiritually and deepen your connection to yourself.
  • Learn something fun you can share with your family and friends!

After taking the Arcturian Reiki Practitioner Class, you will be able to send Arcturian Reiki to others both in person and over distance, and if you want, you can start practicing right away!

No pre-requisites! Class is $197 USD and available online now. Click for more details.