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In Collean’s own words

"I earned both a Bachelors and Masters of Science from Villanova University and worked in the IT industry for several years as a Network Engineer, Project Manager and Software Quality Assurance Lead.  I then opted to leave to pursue a career in acting, because I was consistently depressed working in corporate, and the thing that really lit me up was when I was doing community theater.  So, I was an on-camera professional actress for over 15 years.  I had moderate success, mostly working in pharmaceutical industrial films.  And I worked for a few years as a Standardized Patient at Temple University School of Medicine, along with other less glamorous, yet flexible part-time jobs which allowed me to earn an income while going after auditions. 

I was first introduced to the ThetaHealing® technique in the Fall of 2015 and my initial aim was to work on myself because I felt like my acting career was on life support. I was getting the auditions, I was getting the call-backs, I was even asked to hold shoot dates, and then I wasn't booking the gigs. So I knew I had the talent, and I seemed to be doing everything I could to get the acting jobs, but something was stopping me from actually getting them. That "something" wasn't obvious, and I was open to trying something that was energetic in nature and could help me uncover and change whatever subconscious programs were running that were resulting in my having minimal to no acting income. 

I began taking my first ThetaHealing classes in the Spring of 2016 and it didn't take long for me to realize that I had a gift for being a ThetaHealing Practitioner. In offering my services to others, it allowed me a flexible income stream while I continued to pursue acting.  Ultimately, the ThetaHealing work I've done on myself - both by my being a client of other Practitioners as well as facilitating my own healings - has let me defacto retire from acting and open myself up to new possibilities.

Then in 2018, I was one among the first to bring forth the modality of Arcturian Reiki and after leading several live attunement classes, I launched my own online course in order to more easily share Arcturian Reiki with others.

That is where I am now, looking to expand my ThetaHealing and Arcturian Reiki businesses, offering my healing gifts where I can be of best service.

In early 2019, I will have completed my ThetaHealing Instructors Certifications, and may begin offering ThetaHealing classes in the Greater Philadelphia area.

The list of all my ThetaHealing credentials are on my official profile on the ThetaHealing website."

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