About Arcturian Reiki

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Arcturian Reiki uses the high vibrational Arcturian frequencies.  These energies appear in the form of the Dragons of the Four Elements.

The Earth Dragon helps to make you feel more grounded, more connected to earth. He can also be called in to help with manifesting abundance and healing the physical body.

The Water Dragon specializes in balancing the emotions and harmonizing your relationships.

The Fire Dragon can aid in your breaking through procrastination. He can also be called on to help fire up your metabolism, and accelerate your body's own healing ability.

The Air Dragon can help to stimulate new ideas and allow you to communicate them authentically.

During an Arcturian Reiki session, we can call in a particular dragon or dragons, or set the intention to allow whichever dragon energies wish to come forward. 

Arcturian Reiki energies are very fast moving, so healing sessions typically run about 20 minutes. 

For a taster of Arcturian Reiki with Collean, check out the video to Meet Your Fire Dragon.


Testimonials for Arcturian Reiki with Collean

Jasmine from New Zealand shared her experience

Working and getting to know Collean O'Brien is hands down one of the most magical awe inspiring projects to date for me. I most recently received a Arcturian Reiki session and was absolutely blown away with the experience. Collean is so intuitively in tune, that as I was silently experiencing the healing, she was describing the scene inside my head literally seconds after they had played out! It was so empowering for myself also, as what I was experiencing energetically, was being backed up every step of the way by Collean and her 'Super Powers' lol. I have experienced dozens of different healers and modalities over the past few years, and I can honestly say, that Collean is the real deal. She goes over and above to make sure your healing experience is coming from a place of pure heart, pure integrity and with the most loving intentions. I feel this is of utmost importance in our day and age, where healers are a dime a dozen and not all of them have your best intentions truly at heart. Vibes do not lie, and Collean, you sure are a rare gem! I recommend you very highly to all who are on their journey to enlightenment. Thank you so very much for sharing your truth, your love and your wisdom! 

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By K.V. of BC, Canada

Integrating all the elements in my psyche is something I've been trying to do for a while now, and I felt Collean's Arcturian Reiki session helped me do just that.

I felt a sense of support and guidance from each of the dragons brought forth, particularly the Water and Earth dragons. I left the energy healing with a sense of peace, even after a very stressful experience only about an hour beforehand. I also gained some clarity about how better to approach finances and how I define abundance.

Collean has a very soothing voice and did an excellent job leading the Reiki session. I would highly recommend this service!

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D.B. also of Canada, writes

Today I experienced a beautiful energy transmission through Arcturian Reiki from Collean O'Brien. I immediately was surrounded by the Water Dragon pouring water over me, it was so refreshing and expansive. I also felt myself feel more connected to my "higher self" and felt immense love and support. Collean received on my behalf messages of "it's alright" and "keep going" which aligns so much with the questions I've been asking about my journey as of late. I got pressure in my right ear and she at the same time was receiving info. that I was getting a Light Code reminder which also aligns with my journey and when it was finished my ears popped. Collean is a supportive guide even when I joked I must drive my guides crazy, she reassured me I keep them entertained! I am grateful for Collean to be able to hold this space as I was also witness to the other dragons and experienced similar support and messages and feel more aligned to the path I have been moving in short strides with but feel with today's transmission some new beginnings will be unfolding. Thank you so much!

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Jen M. from Ohio, USA says

My experience with Acturian Reiki and Collean was amazing! The fire dragon came in with the Acturians and balanced me out. I hurt my arm a couple weeks ago and after the healing the pain has released and I am able to lift my arm up! Yay Collean! Thank you, the Acturians and the Dragons! Love, love, love


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