Your Arcturian Reiki MP3

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Your Arcturian Reiki--infused Relationship Healing Meditation MP3 is below and available for you to play and/or download.

This meditation may be used to help heal your relationships with people (living or deceased) or with objects (such as money or your home).  You simply set your intention each time you use it.

It is recommend that you listen to the meditation no more often than once daily, and you may even want to give it a few days between listens. The Arcturian energies can be intense, and you want to allow yourself time to acclimate to the energy shift that happens as a result of the Reiki. You may also want to allow yourself some time to notice how things may be different for you as a result of having listened to the recording, too, before playing it again.

Music: "Mesmerize" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Image: Artsy Bee
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